Nazi Thai Scooter – it’s so Absurd

Some Thais are completely uneducated. While the whole world fights against nazism ideology, Thais produce and sell t-shirts and stickers with nazi symbol (swastika). This week I found photos of Yamaha Fino styling called “Nazi Fino”. Of course, an owner completely doesn’t understand what he does. He doesn’t realize that nazists considered all Thais as people of second-class. If he knew he would never put those symbols and writings on his motorbike.






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2 Responses to Nazi Thai Scooter – it’s so Absurd

  1. floyd says:

    well… understandable your point of view….but Im sure pretty sure that thais know about that nazi story,as a matter of fact,the whole world knows about,lets give him some privacy and space to do whatever this vespa fan is doing with his baby.

    • samlowry says:

      floyd: I understand your comment too, but you look at situation as a typical westerner. Agree, it’s hard to belive, but Thais are still very uneducated. They still suck at exact sciences – cities full of math courses shops and Thai doctors will send you back to home with a muscle pull, because they can’t see your injury by eyes or on x-ray. They still suck at hygiene – cities full of social ads which promote hand washing.

      Ohh, why to talk about education, if they bravely put gibberish english slogans everywhere to show off. Check out some thaiglish funny photos – you will get what I mean. So, I’m 99,9 % sure, this crap on motorbike (modern Yamaha Fino, actually, modern Vespas cost here enormously expensive) means “Such a suay (beautiful in Thai) foreign someting! Let’s put it on motorbike!”