Thai Student Nazi

Thai students performed at the annual summer sports day parade dressed up as Nazi. So silly!


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200 laughing Thai policemans

Traffic police corporative emotional freedom training. Looks not like sounds.

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Found it during googling about sport malls in Bangkok:

If you live in Thailand and plan on staying there for a while then what you need are to get these bad-boys: CHAI’s POWER-BLOCKS™ (Bam!)

Forget all those wussy Ca-Wow memberships for the prissy-type pretty-boys who stroll in with their “hey look how trendy I am” haircuts and iPods. It’s time to bring back the basics. Picture a brick-and-mortar style jail-house gym, IN YOUR HOME.

Why waste time with a douchey gym membership. While other prissy-boys are stuck in traffic on their way to they gym, you’re already 1/2 way finished with your at-home CHAI’s POWER-BLOCK workout™. While those pretty-boys are in the gym staring at chicks, you’re already out on the town flirting with them. While they’re leaving the gym dreaming about girls after a so-called “work-out,” you’ve already scored 5 phone numbers!

*Save Time!
*Save Money!
*No more peep-holes in the shower curtains, like at CaWow.

Don’t lose out on this incredible product. Order today!

Yep, close to reality. My way is to go to Singapore for a such shopping.

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James Bond in Tuk-Tuk at Bangkok’s China Town

Looks like quite an old commercial but I never seen it before. I liked mimics of tuk-tuk driver in the end very much!

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Did you know about HONDI service centers? It’s better than Honda!

Enjoy a mind blowing Malaysian Honda commercial video! It’s a nice remake of YMCA song in mylasian english :)

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Buffalos, monkeys and dogs: that’s Thai election

Look at funny posters of Thai election candidates:

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Afghan modern art: carpets with Kalashnikov

Afghan produce art inspired by terrorists. Subject – Kalashnikov, military helcopters, tanks, rocket launchers. Made in Afghanistan!

Via se_boy

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Air sickness bag of Yeti Airlines

They are so literal!

Via se-boy

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Thai Harry Potters

I think, Thais, who like jump photos more than anybody, invented such way to show love to Harry Potter:

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Action photos of sepak takraw

Sepak takraw (Malay: sepak raga; Tamil: “செபக் தக்ரா” or “கால் கட்டைப்பந்தட்டம்”; Thai: ตะกร้อ, RTGS: takro; Lao: “ka-taw”; Filipino: “sipa”; Vietnamese: “cầu mây”), or kick volleyball, is a sport native to the Malay-Thai Peninsula.

Look, what hides behind this boring description. Looks like a martial arts kicks!

via ssedov

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